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PlayOJO has introduced a new gambling behaviour monitoring tool dubbed Safe Mate in their latest partnership with Neccton. The creation of Safe Mate involved psychologists and behavioral scientists. It’s good to see that player safety is being given priority with hopes that other casinos will soon catch up with the trend. 

What Safe Mate Does

With Safe Mate, players are able to:

  • Keep tabs on the amount of money they deposit, games played and the amount wagered on each game (slots, roulette, blackjack)
  • Track player information such as time spent on the gambling site over a period of six months
  • Get alerts on changed or problematic gambling patterns 
  • Compare gambling patterns with other similar player profiles
  • Receive personalised tips for safe play

Basically, Safe Mate helps players monitor their gambling behaviour and safeguard them from irresponsible gambling patterns. The tool provides players with tailored feedback when their gambling behaviour is considered risky or irresponsible 

PlayOJO CEO Peter Bennett said that it was a pleasure for the online casino and bingo platform to work with Neccton in facilitating safe play among their site users. Neccton is a key player in ensuring safe gambling, and has previously worked with other gambling sites as well.  

PlayOJO customers across Sweden, Spaina and the UK are set to benefit from the Safe Mate tool. 

Among other features that promote responsible gambling that PlayOJO customers benefit from include round the clock customer support, time limits, self-evaluation, and affordability checks. 

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