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Entain, a sports betting operator recently conducted a survey that revealed most gamblers think of betting as a social activity instead of a leisure sport. The study, which involved 2000 frequent gamblers was aimed at identifying how betting impacts the life of British citizens and was conducted by the CT group. 

The Shocking Results: What the Entain Survey Revealed

For a long time, betting has been viewed as a leisure activity that gamblers only engage in for personal satisfaction. However, according to the Entain survey;

  • More than 50% of the participants engaged in gambling to interact with other gamblers.
  • Over 25% of gamblers have nurtured great friendships from gambling activities. 
  • 58% considered themselves as savers.
  • 38% engaged in betting because they enjoyed spending money. 

Surprisingly, the participants revealed that they tend to spend less money on gambling than they do on other leisure activities. In fact, more than  75% of them spend twice as much on drinks and food than they do on gambling.

Of the people who enjoyed gambling, more than 90% of them loved sports while 66% of them thought of themselves as active savers. 

As part of the survey, Entail also asked the respondents whether they thought they should be fully in charge of how they chose to spend their money & free time. Close to 95% of them thought that they should, which was a surge from the previous year. 

This study was aimed at transforming how gambling adverts were carried out and protecting young adults. 

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